Leben Young

The Garden

Leben Young

10th October – 12th November

Ahuriri Contemporary is proud to present The Garden is an installation of sculptural and wall relief work that has been produced over the past year by Dunedin artist Leben Young.

Sourced from beaches and rivers across New Zealand, layers of sand, coal, stone and paint are built up into surfaces that cover and contour various forms and objects, evoking geological time and processes. Small, individual objects are combined to produce larger components that oscillate between object and topographical representation. A free and playful approach to the assembly of the work allows for loose threads of narrative to escape and weave throughout the installation.

Leben Young – The Garden

Leben Young is an Ōtepoti, Dunedin based artist who enlivens foraged, base materials such as sand, coal and stone with paint and objects to create totemic and mystifying floor and wall based relief works which have a granular gravity and symbiotic synergy.

The Garden presents an array of earthy delights which inhabit a shore between the black squares of Malevich, and the voids of Anish Kapoor. The gathering of objects could be a collection of artefacts with inexplicable, seemingly supernatural properties from a future or past civilisation of humans or extraterrestrials.

As meteoric dark matter and microbial mise-en-scène collide to create a zone of quietly combustive contemplation and reflection, the garden quietly hums with retinal field recordings from the primordial forest floor.

Ahuriri Contemporary 2022 

Black, Leben Young, Ahuriri Contemporary, Boyd-Dunlop Gallery, Napier Hastings Street, Gallery, Sand, Relief, Coal, Carbon, Original Art Exhibition